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Claire Cohen: Ordinary people are angry, and here’s why

I said the other day that the Telegraph’s Women’s section is an ‘odious cesspit’, and the Kavanaugh hearings have revealed this quite starkly. Here’s another disgraceful article, called “Brett Kavanaugh: Women are angry and here’s why“. This time it’s by Claire Cohen, who is one of the editors of the Women’s section.

In many ways she was the perfect witness: articulate, an academic; middle-class, married. She delivered her testimony in soft, low tones – clearly doing everything in her power to master her emotions.

Yes, being a middle-class academic she was the perfect witness in the eyes of the Democrat establishment. As the numerous lower-class women who accused Bill Clinton of rape discovered, unless you’re the right sort of person you can just be breezily dismissed (‘Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find’, as James Carville said). Whereas intellectuals never lie for political reasons, do they?

Blasey Ford had first come forward with her claim before Kavanaugh became President Trump’s nominee.

In actual fact she first started accusing Kavanaugh after she had found out that he was on a list of possible Supreme Court replacements for Kennedy.

Now, her worst fears have been realised. Brett Kavanaugh has been appointed to the top court in the US – a job for life, voting on issues that go to the heart of the American people; abortion, gun control.

Hang on a minute. What do his political views have to do with the sexual assault allegation? Aren’t her worst fears that her assailant got away with it, not that a judge with political views opposed to hers got appointed to the Supreme Court? This seems more like an admission that the real aim was to stop someone with the wrong politics getting power.

Instead, it is Blasey Ford’s life that has been blown apart.

How? Has she lost her job? She’s now a hero to the left, and the feminists.

 Just as the accused are innocent until proven guilty, so must we be wide open to the possibility that the accuser is telling the truth.

Sure. But we must also be wide open to the possibility that this was a totally predictable takedown attempt.

This has been a personal tragedy for Christine Blasey Ford, but it has also been a very public one. Because if even she hasn’t been believed, millions of survivors the world over must be thinking, what chance do the rest of us stand? If she isn’t considered credible, who will be?

This is very revealing. Why does Cohen say ‘even she’ and ‘the rest of us’, as though this case, above any others, should have resulted in the accuser being believed? Because she’s an academic? Because she’s backed by the Democrats, and numerous powerful feminists? Is that what Cohen thinks should matter? But what about the stunning lack of verification of any element of her story, the gaping holes, the extreme vagueness, and the fact that none of the supposed witnesses backs her up? Lecturer or not, as rape stories go, this story is at the bottom end of credibility, not the top end, and Cohen gives us not the slightest whiff of being aware of that, or admitting to it.

If anything, women who really have been raped should be fuming that Ford, and the other women who made even more ridiculous allegations against Kavanaugh, have made it more difficult for real rape victims to get justice. But at least they will have the advantage of more credible stories, and a functioning memory.

That is one reason why so many women are angry. Why they have taken to the streets in protest

Ordinary women aren’t the angry at Kavanaugh — ordinary women, that is, as opposed to neurotic feminist columnists. And professional protesters. Yes, professional. The women who ambushed Jeff Flake in the lift are professional agitators, from the Centre for Popular Democracy, who are funded by George Soros. (The left-wing media are trying to cast doubt on this, saying that Soros didn’t instruct them to protest this particular case, but the fact us that these are the sort of antics he funds them to do.)

Part 2 of this fisking is here.



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