Claire Cohen: Ordinary people are angry, and here’s why. Part 2

So, to continue my fisking of Claire Cohen’s abhorrent article from yesterday:

According to President Trump, this is “a very scary time for young men in America”. I’d say it was a scary time for both women and men – one being discouraged from speaking out about sexual assault

Yet a women has been praised as a hero for talking about a sexual assault, despite the fact that her story didn’t add up.

the other being fed lies that any woman, anywhere, could ruin their life with a false allegation.

It’s unbelievable that someone who works for a British newspaper could write this in 2018 after several recent cases took place where clearly innocent young men had their lives ruined by false allegations. Claire Cohen is a disgrace.

But let’s be clear on two things.


One: there is no evidence at all that there are more false allegations in rape cases than in any other crime.

Joan Smith was also spouting this very unlikely claim the other day in an even more appalling Telegraph Women’s article that I fisked. I suspect some BS has recently been concocted, along the lines of the old ‘1 in 4 women have been raped’ lie.

Two: if you haven’t sexually assaulted anyone, you have nothing to be scared about.

Tell that to Karin Cheshire, the mother of Jay Cheshire who hanged himself after being falsely accused of rape a couple of years ago. Oh… you can’t, because she also took her own life due to the agony of it all.

and know full well that others have come forward to make allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

You mean the ones that not even the Democrats are taking seriouisly any more? The ones that have as much credibility as saying that Kavanaugh had aliens help him rape women?

It has read the FBI’s hastily compiled report – one that Democrat senators maintain was incomplete.

You mean the report that the FBI had to do in addition to the other six in-depth reports it had already done?

And he insisted that his close female friends have been messaging to tell him that he is a “good man” – one a feminist, no less.

Not a single person who has worked with him, man or women, has anything but good things to say about him. That’s not something you hear much of in the newspaper world.

When I – and no doubt many of the other women who watched, spellbound, as Christine Blasey Ford bared her soul – think back on the past few days, there are two things that will stick in my memory, and throat.


Hearing her voice crack, as she described how Kavanaugh and his friend allegedly laughed as they assaulted her

You should hear how convincing the people who swear that aliens raped them sound.

As a section editor this is the sort of uninformed ‘feelz’ article that Claire Cohen should be tossding into the bin, not penning herself.

What worries me is that the fact that the Telegraph has regularly run this sort of article for years indicates that there’s a market now for this sort of hard-done-by, throw-a-tantrum-at-everything feminism even amongst middle-class professionals. This won’t end well.


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