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I’ve decided to revive my Gab page, which has been lying dormant for many months. It’s here:

And my Twitter page is still going strong:

There are three problems with Gab, though. The first is that the layout and typography don’t work as well as Twitter. I was kind of hoping they’d have improved it by now, especially as they’ve been boasting about all the money they’ve been getting recently, but they haven’t. But maybe I’ll eventually get more used to it.

The second problem is this. The attraction of Twitter is not just being able to easily post stuff (which is no great attraction for me as I know how to make and run my own website), but all the interaction with a wide variety of interesting people that can happen. There’s much less of that on Gab, because there’s nowhere near as many people, and because most of the best people are still on Twitter.

The third issue is that with Twitter you have the potential to tap into a large mainstream readership if you start to get known (although that’s still a long way off for me). That doesn’t really exist on Gab. Maybe it will one day, but it doesn’t for now.

But on the other hand I feel that Gab deserves support for providing a real free-speech platform, which is why I’ve gone back to it.

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