The Conservatives

The Tories grabbed hold of the wrong zeitgeist

Sajid Javid is often said to be the frontrunner to be the next leader of the Conservative Party. This is the latest headline about him:

Ageism could be classed as a hate crime, Sajid Javid poised to announce

With the Brexit deceit and this sort of rubbish the Conservative Party is disintegrating before our eyes. So is the country. It’s like the teachers all went out to investigate a loud noise, and they left the spods in charge.

Younger versions of the people currently ruling your life. Do you think they’re going to stop soon, and say, “That’s enough control”?

The teachers haven’t come back, and they never will, because they’ve all been killed by Muslim terrorists, and the spods remain in charge. The rest of the class is still sort of doing what the spods say because they’re expecting the teachers back any moment, but some of the class is starting to get very restless. But the teachers are never coming back, and we need to dump the spods and start getting things back to normal.

Where the Tories think they’re headed…


Where the Tories actually are…
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