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You can’t handle… what you wanted a year ago

So the left is currently having a fit over Saudi Arabia. And fair enough, too. It’s a thoroughly nasty and violent regime. But the left’s behaviour in these situations never makes any sense.

They’ll fixate on a ‘bad’ country for a while. Of course, they ignore a lot of really bad countries most of the time because they like to ignore countries that don’t offer them an opportunity to bash Trump, or Bush, or Thatcher, or Reagan, or whoever the current conservative bogeyman is. And they definitely like to sweep under the carpet the bad behaviour of any leftist country.

But sometimes they embrace the chance to condemn a country, as they often did with Iraq under Saddam. Why do we support such a regime, they scream and shout. Countries like that shouldn’t be allowed.

But then when the US, or some wider international coalition, proposes to do something about the bad country, something that will actually be effective, and go beyond ineffective sanctions and grandstanding speeches, the left turns around and starts shouting the opposite. We need to leave other countries alone. The US needs to stop being the world’s policeman. That country’s affairs are its own business, and it’s like being Hitler to intefere.*

So I’m sorry, but I’m not taking the left’s latest fits about the Saudi regime seriously. Besides, there is no Western-style democracy, or any sort of democracy, waiting in the wings in Saudi Arabia. What would replace the current Saudi regime would most likely be even worse.

*Of course there are perfectly respectable isolationist positions. But none of them are held by the left, who would transform every country in the world with a pen if they could.

Update: I should make clear that I’m not saying we should let the Saudis get away with torturing and murdering dissidents. I’m saying that the left have nothing of value to tell us on these sorts of issues (or any others, for that matter).

Update 2: Good article by John Nolte at Breitbart on Khashoggi:

Outside of Breitbart News, have you heard a single squeak of outrage from a CNN or NBC or Washington Post over the 30-plus Mexican journalists murdered since 2016?

Of course you haven’t!

Because outrage over that particular horror show only works against the media’s left-wing cause of portraying Mexico as an idyllic nation sending us their best and brightest.


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2 thoughts on “You can’t handle… what you wanted a year ago

  1. Why do we care if they are torturing and murdering dissidents. Seems to me every country is killing it’s own citizens one way or another.

    So as far as letting get away with it. Why did Brazil let us get away with killing one of their skilled electricians.

  2. Well, I don’t mean we should invade them, or try to change the regime, or have sanctions, or anything like that. I just meant that we can’t give them the idea that this is all right. That’s a bit piss-weak, I know, but if you don’t do at least something like that then they’ll think you’ve given them the green light to do anything they like, and then they’ll really go to town.

    But realistically we know that this sort of thing is just par for the course for these sorts of countries.

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