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Foreign mind-control

Lots of Remainers upset about this:

Police have said they will not investigate allegations of Russian state interference in the 2016 EU referendum or complaints about the involvement of foreign-based companies.

But why should they? Even if these Russian bots really exist, they had no influence on the referendum.

And how is it that a tiny number of unread Russian Twitter accounts that supposedly supported Leave is a terrible scandal, but the massive Guardian website with its hard-left radical columnists telling its American readers that Trump is a terrible man is journalism at its best?

The Telegraph has more:

An army of Russian trolls sent thousands of messages with the hashtag #ReasonsToLeaveEU on the day of Britain’s referendum on membership of the EU, according to new data released by Twitter.

No wonder everyone changed their mind that very day.

On 23 June 2016, the day of the Brexit vote, Russia mobilised an army of trolls, which at one stage included 3,800 accounts.

A massive army… of 3800. I can barely begin to comprehend the enormity of it.

The fake accounts Tweeted out 1,102 posts with the hashtag #ReasonsToLeaveEU.

1102 unread posts. Remain didn’t stand a chance.

The Russian-linked accounts Tweeted out the phrase “Brexit” more than 4,400 times during its period of activity, although mostly after the referendum had taken place.

Why is anyone even bothering to report this?

Iran also made an effort to influence British politics, launching attacks on former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, while mostly praising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Twitter revealed posts from 770 Iranian accounts that had engaged in attempts at disinformation.


“At last, a leading #UK Politician willing to stand up to the apartheid state of Israel and its murdering racist leader,” said one account of Mr Corbyn. “This isn’t anti semitism, it’s anti #Apartheid.”

How is this any different from every UK leftist Twitter account? Should we shut them down too?

While some accounts Tweeted in broken English, others were surprisingly sophisticated. One Iranian account even Tweeted a rhyming Limerick criticising UKIP leader Mr Farage.

Apparently foreigners aren’t allowed to have opinions about UK politics. Only UK people are allowed to have political opinions about other countries.

If you want to study the worst sort of disinformation then the Guardian’s your place.

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