Someone hasn’t been keeping up

The founder of a network established “to support individuals who have discovered their family relationships aren’t what they were led to believe” apparently lives in the 1950s:

Yet St Clair hopes that this will diminish the culture of shame that many of our forebears had to live with. “It was a different era 50 to 70 years ago, and no one imagined that these secrets could ever be revealed so easily. But with the advent of this new and easily accessible technology, I’m hopeful that the stigma of ‘illegitimacy’ will eventually disappear.” (my underlining)

Yes, perhaps by 2050, or maybe 2060, British people will no longer hide their head in shame at being born out of wedlock. It’s hard to imagine now, but maybe one day British women will actually have babies out of wedlock deliberately in order to get state benefits. That seems inconceivable now, but who knows how our descendants will see things? Pre-marital sex, a science-fiction concept to most of us now, may even start to become commonplace in the world of our great-grandchildren.

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