You go back, Jack, do it again

David Allen Green tweets:

There should never be a UK-wide referendum ever ever again. On constitutional issues pertaining only to some of the four member states of the UK, fine. But UK wider referendums are a negation of parliamentary supremacy, creating mandates which cannot be gainsaid.

This is partly what the whole Remainer screaming fit is about. It explains why they’ve gone so berserk over Brexit. It’s not just about trying to stop Brexit, it’s also about trying to prevent the public ever having such a direct say on anything ever again. They figure that even if they lose this battle, if they make the whole thing as difficult and (for the average person) as tedious as possible then no-one will ever want to have a public vote ever again.

So it’s about keeping the decision-making powers in the hands of the Establishment, and out of the grubby mitts of Midlands factory workers.

The only problem with that is that, although the Brexit process has become tedious at the hands of Theresa May, a lot of people have thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of the great and the good — well, Blair Clegg and Adonis at least — thoroughly getting the wind up them, and losing the plot. And a lot of people have now seen that the Establishment is full of nutters, and they’ll now be more keen on geting a direct say in future, rather than letting the nutters make the decisions.

(And, of course, it hardly needs to be said that referendums work perfectly well in other decent countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.)



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