Get used to it

“You’re afraid of change”, say Remainers.

‘You white people can’t handle being on the bottom for a change”, say anti-racists.

“Things have changed since your beloved 50s, get used to it”, says every leftist ever.

In other words, white old-style conservatives can’t handle change.

My analysis: Brexit, Trump, Hungary, scream scream scream scream scream, wah, bad orange man, looks like you leftists can’t handle the way the world is changing.

Get used to it. You change-hating losers.

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3 thoughts on “Get used to it

  1. Its the wrong sort of change of course.

    Changes my political clique make = everyone else must get with the program. Change is coming, deal with it!

    Changes my political opponents make = Literally Hitler/Fascism/Gammons/Stealing the youth’s future/Racist/wah wah wah!!!

  2. It’s an old trick of leftists, and now Remainers, that they like to speak initially in attractive generalities, which they then start to merge with their own positions, even though their own positions are no more or less compatible with the generality than the opposite view.

    (Even the generalities are sometimes debatable. Sometimes it’s rational to be scared of change. Depends on what the change is. Being disembowelled by a horde is a change I’d be afraid of.)

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