Mary Poppins and Julie Andrews

Another sign that I’m not a young man any more: I now fancy Julie Andrews. When I was in my first bloom of youth Julie Andrews seemed like everything a man didn’t want in a woman. A prim, sexless, goody-goody, whose singing was frightful. No thanks.

But now when I see her in old films I have completely the opposite reaction: she’s a beautiful, passionate English rose with a pure heart, and an angelic voice, who you’d marry in a second.

So politics isn’t the only thing I’ve realised I was wrong about when I was a callow youth.

Anyway, the bad news is that a Mary Poppins sequel is about to be released. It’s not like I’m a Mary Poppins buff or anything, so I’m not going to be too outraged, but it just isn’t right…

One more thing: we’ve all laughed for decades at Dick van Dyke’s Cockney accent in the original film, but when you watch him in it, you have to admit that, accent aside, he’s pretty damn good.

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One thought on “Mary Poppins and Julie Andrews

  1. I’ve seen the preview of that new film. Ben Whishaw looks ridiculous in his role as the Dad, he looks like a little kid with a fake moustache.

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