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The list of Tory disappointments

I think Dominic Raab is set to join the list of Conservative Party disappointments.

It’s always the same: a new MP starts out with a lot of fine talk and conservatives get excited that this person is the next great Conservative that they’ve been waiting for for years. Over the years it all goes sour, as the yawning gap between action and words is revealed. Here’s a few entries to start with. More suggestions in the comments, please.

William Hague

George Osborne (remember when he flirted with a flat tax?)

Michael Portillo

Matthew Parris

Michael Gove

Alan Duncan

Liam Fox

Sajid Javid

Andrea Leadsom

Rory Stewart


John Major (although you might argue that he was always clearly a hopeless case)

Jonathan Aitken

Boris Johnson (he did at least resign over Brexit, but…) Update: On later reflection I’ve decided Boris doesn’t deserve to be here.

Ian Duncan Smith

Possible next candidate: Jacob Rees Mogg Update: I’ve also decided that JRM shouldn’t be on here either. Or Raab for that matter.

(I’m not including Tories who are disappointing from the get-go, because that would mean putting down about 90% of every Tory MP ever.)

Update: At the suggestion of Roark in the comments I’ve added Liam Fox.

Update 2: Alan Duncan added at the suggestion of Andy in Japan.

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