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The Weekend at Bernies’ version of Dr Who — 8 Comments

  1. I quite liked the Davison era at the time but in hindsight, a) that probably had more to do with Nicola Bryant than the man himself, and b) it’s hard to disagree.

    “It was like a Catherine Tate sketch.”

    I’ve managed to avoid it so far, but that’s precisely the impression I got from the trailers.

  2. The last two seasons with Sylvester McCoy were pretty good IMO, and I enjoyed the revived version up until midway through the Matt Smith era (the season which was opened with his death was one of the best, until they chickened out and revealed it was faked in the finale). I agree though that since then it has gone downhill, and this season has gone full woke- the Rosa Parks episode was painful, with politics as subtle as a dog turd on a white rug.

  3. You mirror my thoughts on Star Wars and Dr Who perfectly. Though criticism of SW abounds on the interweb it’s harder to find critical catharsis of Dr Who (Handmaid’s Tale as well, which is strange considering just how contrived that shit is).

    One thing I will say for the revived era of Dr Who is Amy Pond and Clara Oswald were very pleasant distractions from the SJW rot.

  4. I`ve only seen one episode of the new series,the one with the giant spiders and the only character who showed any kind of gumption and backbone was the evil white man(of course)villain, the rest were so wet you could have shot snipe off them,I mean seriously you`re faced with a spider the size of a minibus so what do you do? get the guns out and go Rambo on their arachnid asses as the evil white man wanted to do? or show compassion and understanding and mercy to a creature that has already killed several people and would kill you in a second given the chance?
    Although in a way this episode perfectly demonstrated the mindset of the left and the SJW types,that suicidal altruism that is destroying the West by allowing unrepentantly predatory people into our midst with pleas for understanding and clemency not realising that to these people mercy is just weakness to be exploited.

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