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Roger Scruton and the long-term aim of political correctness

The long term aim was always to end up in the sort of situation where no-one with the wrong views could ever get hired or prosper in any sort of serious job. We’re starting to get to that sort of situation now. Roger Scruton is the latest figure whose new appointment as chair of a government housing commission is being threatened by the left for some of the things he’s said in the past. The left is trying to pretend that he’s anti-Semitic, because

he had described Jews in Budapest as forming part of a “Soros empire”.

They may have picked the wrong man, though, because firstly he’s one of the few people from academia who are unlikely to cower before a mob, and also because everything he says is deeply considered and entirely serious. Not necessarily right, but thought through. So it’s important that the Conservatives hold firm on him. I don’t hold out any great hope with that, but it’s also important that he doesn’t back down even if the Tories let him down, and for that I do have great hope.

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2 thoughts on “Roger Scruton and the long-term aim of political correctness

  1. The first rule of dealing with bullies is come out fighting. Literally in the case of physical bullies, and intellectually in the case of the fascist Left. The attitude to have is ‘I don’t care what happens but I’m not going down without a fight’. Never apologise for anything, double down, re-state your beliefs in clear terms and damn the consequences. Trump has taught us this much, and it got him the Presidency.

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