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Just a quick note to say that I’ve added Patreon and Ko-Fi buttons to my page (on the right-hand sidebar), so if anyone is inclined to throw a bit of money my way just click on one of those. Obviously don’t feel obliged (as I’m sure you won’t).

Actually the best way you can support me is to buy my book, because then you get a good read in return (or a book you can throw at the fire. But I suggest you get the hardback vesion, not the Kindle version, if you’re likely to do that.) But if you want to donate a bit more than the cost of a book, or if you’re too busy at the moment to read a book, click on one of those donate buttons.

I have noticed quite a few commentators on various blogs over the last year saying that they like giving to charity but there are now no charities they can give to because they’ve all become taken over by SJW execs. Even the RNLI. Well, you can rest assured that I have not been, and never will be, taken over by SJW execs.

I have also noticed recently that various well-paid lefties like James O’Brien have been having a go at the likes of James Delingpole and Raheem Kassam for using Patreon, which they describe as ‘begging strangers for money on the internet’.* But, speaking as a novelist and musician, getting money from strangers is exactly what we do. Novelists don’t know the people who buy their books. Musicians don’t know the people who buy their music, or who buy a ticket at the door. Your income always comes from strangers who take an interest in your work, and you have to interest them, not just the people in your circle.

On the other hand, we don’t have the security of getting a regular paycheck. (I don’t like to say the ‘luxury’ of a regular paycheck, as some arty types who’ve never worked do, because 99% of people who get a paycheck work their arses off every week to get it.) I have no problems with admitting that the wolf is never far from the door. Since when did the left become the ones who mock the artists for struggling?

*It’s funny to think that the left is now mocking the very same right-wingers they accused of being in the pay of big oil, or big whatever, for not having much money. I guess we can assume that all those slurs about being in the billionaires’ pockets were nonsense.

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