How To Be Wrong

I must be a lucky man, because I’ve never heard James O’Brien on the radio. But I was unlucky enough, or stupid enough, to read a glowing story on him in the Independent. The idiocy of the man is astounding.

“I genuinely thought it would turn out that these people do actually know what they’re doing, people like Hannan [the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan], who’ve spent years insisting that this needs to happen, but they’ve all fallen apart like cheap suits.

Apparently James O’Brien has failed to notice that Daniel Hannan is not a part of the government, and has little influence with Theresa May’s gang.

Every single one of them has ended up either resigning once reality has begun to bite, like Davis or Johnson, or going into self-imposed purdah rather than actually address the problems that they’ve caused.”

He’s really not an observant chap, is he? He hasn’t noticed that the Remainers have hijacked Brexit and are derailing it, and Davis and Johnson were forced to resign because of the betrayals of a PM who was secretly plotting with the EU behind their backs, coming up with a completely different plan than the one her Brexit ministers thought they were working on. That one completely passed him by.

“No deal is the only way that these people, these Rees-Mogg types, the only way they can avoid admitting that it’s all going to hell in a handcart is by saying, ‘No, it’s absolutely fine, here is another unicorn on the horizon’.”

Is he the most unobservant person in the country? Rees-Mogg does think that Theresa May is ruining Brexit. Rees-Mogg has wanted a deal all along, just not the terrible deal that May is proposing.

O’Briend started out on the gossip pages:

His one shot at redemption was a press reception for British Oscar winners the next day, where it was rumoured that Sean Connery might attend. “…he’s really rude. He turns up, marches past us, completely ignored all the journalists present, and starts stalking down the corridor towards the bit of the party that we weren’t allowed into.

What a solipsistic man. He can’t get into the mind of someone else to understand that a guy who’s been pestered by journalists for years might not wish to be pestered again by them. O’Brien is like those salesmen or chuggers in malls who get offended when you don’t respond to them trying to get money off you. People who can only see life through their eyes, and can only understand their own immediate reactions.

Everyone’s calling after him; I had done a bit of research and knew that his son had just made a film of Macbeth, so I shout, ‘Have you seen Jason in Macbeth yet, Mr Connery?’, which I thought was a nice question.

You’d think that at this point O’Brien might have started to twig why Connery was trying to avoid the press.

for reasons I will never know, and I wonder to this day whether or not I would have got into journalism if this hadn’t happened, I called after him, ‘What’s wrong, Mr Connery? Are you a bit jealous that you never got the chance to play the part yourself?’

I think we know the reason why you acted like a prick in asking that question. It’s because you are a prick.

And he stopped, turned around, all the other journalists suddenly noticed that Connery’s coming back up the corridor, and he comes up to me and he hits me, two fingers, on the end of the nose in a way that actually makes your eyes water. And he goes, ‘I played the part before you were born. Do your f*****g homework, sonny.’

Yes, Sean Connery is not a nice man and he shouldn’t have done that, but does it now occur to O’Brien that there really was a good reason why Connery tried to avoid the journalists?

On Farage:

I tell people the truth and I don’t encourage them to hate their neighbours.”

This is what a Remain hero thinks? That Farage encourages people to hate their neighbours? That’s Cathy Newman-level understanding.

His callers, he says, have taught him a lot. We talk about one conversation in the book where a woman rings to talk about the time that a senior partner at her law firm told her in a lift that he loved the way she filled out her jeans, recalling how much it had upset her.

These are his listeners. No wonder they think he’s great.

“When I was growing up you could talk about anything – and our dinner table is the same

I’m sure you’ll converse sympathetically with your kids if they express disagreement with you.

A whole chapter of the book is devoted to Donald Trump. On the show, O’Brien has been known to describe him as “basically a fascist in the White House”.

I didn’t know radio was such a bastion of sophisticated analysis.

Does he really believe Trump is a fascist? “Yes, of course he is. He’s said himself he’s a nationalist, you can add very simply ‘white’ to that word.

Ah, so that’s how you do it! That’s how you become a left-wing radio star. You just add words to what people say. Let’s have a go. Jacob Rees-Mogg says he’s a ‘Catholic’. Let’s just make that ‘Catholic torturer’. What a bad man he is! Boris Johnson says ‘he wants to see Britain prosper’. Let’s add the word ‘Nazi’ to that: Boris Johnson ‘wants to see Nazi Britain prosper’. What a fascist! James Delingpole says ‘he loves fox-hunting’. Let’s change ‘fox’ to ‘nigger’: James Delingpole says ‘he loves nigger-hunting’. Ban him immediately!

There’s a frankness to O’Brien that his audiences will recognise, as well as a willingness to listen.

Excuse me while I go throw up.

Update: I should also mention that this twat stole the title of James Delingpole’s brilliant book How To Be Right.

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