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Ms Theresa Topsy Turvy

For Ms Topsy-Turvy every day is opposite day. The British public voted to regain their sovereignty from the EU, but silly old Theresa Topsy Turvy is trying to do the opposite, taking even more of our sovereignty away and giving it to the EU. Everything she does is the wrong way around!

In her younger days the Prime Minster was featured in a popular series of children’s books. However, the Ms. Topsy Turvy title was soon withdrawn following legal action from the young Ms May.

It’s like Ms Topsy Turvy lives in Upside Down World, along with her 350 Mr and Mrs Bumblehead friends, who are all Tory Remainer MPs, including Little Miss Drinkalot, Mr Hand-on-Knee, Little Miss Open Primary, Mr EU-as-Substitute-Religion, Little Miss Thicky, and Mr Views-Set-in-Stone-in-1976. They don’t trust the silly old British public, most of whom are Mr Troglodytes and Little Miss Hen Parties, to make the right choices, so they want to see the wise old wizards of Brussels have even more power, like Gandalf when he takes over from Saruman.

So Theresa and the Bumbleheads have tricked everyone with their mischievous upside-down plans, which they worked on in their secret bunker when everybody else was working on what they thought was the real plan. Theresa’s always up to no good! The plans make no sense, of course, but Theresa and the Bumbleheads want them voted through anyway, because in Theresa’s back-to-front world of silliness they make sense. Naughty old Theresa! Will everyone else realise in time that she’s not on their side, or will it be too late?

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