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How can anyone stay in a Cabinet led by a woman who has twice deceived them with secret operations carried out behind their backs? May is a lying psychopath, and as is usual with psychopaths with power everyone has to go around pretending they’re great. Even the people who have resigned have written in their resignation letters how wonderful Mrs May really is, despite all the treachery. Sure this is partly because they don’t want people to get the idea that the party is at war, but it’s also because they don’t want Mrs May to take revenge on them should she win the confidence vote.

Speaking of the confidence vote, which is surely coming, as I’ve said many times on this blog in the last year if a Conservative leader wins such a vote they can’t be challenged for 12 months, a fact which is finally starting to filter through to the commentariat. So what happens if May wins the vote, and then the DUP goes ahead with its threat to pull out of the deal with the Conservatives, and the government falls? Guess who the Conservative party has to go to the early election with as leader? Theresa May, that’s who. Good luck with that one, Tories.

I suggest that Tory MPs take this weekend to go back to their constituencies and talk to their grassroots supporters to get an idea of the necessity of a change of leadership. The mood there is near mutiny. The party either gets rid of May in the confidence vote, or it dies that very day. Seriously. Why would any conservative continue to vote for a left-wing anti-Brexit party who has continually deceived them? Why would they work for them, and tramp the streeets for them? Fear of Corbyn is no longer enough.

The days of the Conservatives thinking they can coast along with a bunch of CINOs — Conservatives In Name Only — running the ship are gone. Conservatives need to Trumpify (in their own English way) or they’re finished.

I have no great confidence that the Tories will see sense and get rid of May, though. Yesterday there were people on Twitter saying, ‘Remember that the Tories are incredibly good at knifing their leaders’. But that was the old Tory party. Today’s Tories couldn’t locate a spine at an osteopath’s convention.

Finally, let’s consider Gove and his gang of idiots and their stupid idea to get May to let them change the deal. This is not the time to ‘stay in government to help influence things’. There’s a confidence vote coming; this is the time to get rid of May and save your party, and you’ve just given her a major boost at a crucial time.

You don’t negotiate with a lying psychopath and hope they listen to you. You take the opportunity to remove them from power when it’s given to you.

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