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Tactically, May staying may be a good thing for No Deal

As someone who wants a No Deal Clean Global Brexit, I’m starting to think that maybe it would be for the best if Theresa May stays in place, because that’s the Brexit we’ll get with her. Her Withdrawal Agreement won’t get through Parliament. A new leader, though, may get some watered-down abortion through, because the party votes for it, grateful that it isn’t May’s WA.

Also, with Theresa May still in place the Conservatives will be finished, and then we can have a new right-wing party which isn’t run by, and full of, fake conservatives.

In fact, the new right-wing party may come about from a split by the Conservatives, as there are rumours on Twitter that if May wins the vote the party may split:

Update: Michael Fabricant is thinking along similar lines (well, apart from the bit about killing off the Tories):

And if she is not prepared to pivot and work for a no-deal Brexit, then – and only then – will I be free to write my letter to Sir Graham.

The thing is, though, May has shown, as we suspected all along, that No Deal is absolutely the one thing she will not countenance. She’ll do anything to avoid that, and she and the party machinery and Whitehall will apply any pressure on the MPs to vote some sort of deal through. So maybe it is beter to get rid of her now. Unfortunately., Fabricant thinks there’s little chance of this happening:

If there is a vote of no confidence, I believe that Theresa May will win and that she will win convincingly.


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