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Is May just playing the oldest trick in the book? — 5 Comments

  1. Do you consider that May might have countenanced a pretty bad deal to tie up the EU and the 27, find out who the dissenters amongst the EU 27 are like Spain re Gib and others re fishing rights etc such that the EU agree the terms. She knows parliament will not pass it. They kick it out. She goes back to Brussels and says give me a good deal they will actually pass or it’s a No Deal. They get bounced and we get a better deal before Christmas? Or am I dreaming?

  2. I’m not sure she made it deliberately bad to see who the EU dissenters are (if that’s what you’re saying). But I definitely think it’s likely that, despite what she and the EU say, that she’s expecting to have to go back to the EU and say ‘My Parliament won’t/didn’t pass this, you have to tone it down a bit’. My worry then is that they’ll tone it down a bit, but not much, and then enough MPs will be desperate to pass it, because they’re so terrified of No Deal.

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