Writing a Racist Hoax Note 101: my new online course

Writing a racist hoax note is one of the most important skills the modern Humanities or Social Science student can learn, but too many Universities are turning out students with sub-standard skills. Consider this recent case at the University of Kansas:

A flier at a Kansas State University apartment complex bearing the very racist statement “Beware [N-words] Live Here!!! Knock at Your Own Risk” has turned out to be a hoax.


In a statement on its Facebook page, the Kansas State Police Department wrote “Upon questioning, the person who reported the incident admitted to creating and posting the note to their own door. The matter will be addressed in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.”

This is the latest in a long line of failed racist hoax note attempts, and the anti-white cause is being badly set back by the perception that most, if not all, of these cases are perpetrated by underhanded SJW students out to further their cause. That perception has to change if we are to get anywhere, and the only way to do that (seeing as whitey is not going to write these notes himself) is for students to be better trained so that they don’t get caught.

This is all wrong. ‘Niggers’ is somewhat dated and cliched. Also, this note is too easily removed too quickly by concerned SJW students.

That’s where I come in. With my new online course ‘How to Write a Racist Hoax Note 101’ (coming soon) I will teach you how to write a foolproof note. I’ll advise on the right sort of language to use, on how to prevent yourself being caught, and explain the best techniques for surviving a college or police interrogation so you don’t give yourself away.

Here’s a little taster: find out the latest buzzwords that racists are using. Or more, accurately, the words that leftist media think the white supremacists are using. These are the words you need to use. And guess what? I list them in my course! But you need to enrol to get them.

The one thing you must NOT do is use outdated or uncommon terms that only you use, and which people in your college have heard you say. You musn’t use words that you have used in your essays, because they can be traced back to you. Hide your tracks. Don’t let textual analysis be your downfall.

Enrol online soon so you don’t let the team down.

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