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A quick guide to the current Brexit SNAFU

I think the following three tweets basically sum up the Brexit situation.

Ian Parkinson:

Dan Salt:

And Steven Edginton:

If our MPs are stupid, or cowardly, enough to fall for all this (or villainous enough because it’s what they want) then they won’t have to worry about the issue of fixing the Houses of Parliament, because the people will burn them down.*

*Except they won’t, will they?



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2 thoughts on “A quick guide to the current Brexit SNAFU

  1. “*Except they won’t, will they?”

    I was reminding people the other day of just how seriously the DUP take things by recalling that they were prominent in organizing the 1974 general strike in Ulster (which I imagine most people on the mainland don’t even know about). It occurs to me that something along those lines may be what’s needed right now. But we won’t have one, will we?

  2. “Except they won’t, will they?”

    No, they will vote the same lot back in at the next election, just like they did after the expenses scandal.

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