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In the UK the deep State is just… the State — 5 Comments

  1. The BBC has to come first. Otherwise, there is a constant drip feed of negative propaganda against every taxpayer and consumer-friendly policy change.

    At least three government departments need to shut down instantly, EXEU won’t be necessary, DFID (obviously), with some functions transferred into FCO, and DCMS.

    An Admiral Byng tactic with regard to the rest, or at least many many functional transfers out of London.

  2. Couple of other thoughts.

    Charities are easily dealt with. Instant end to all Givernment money to charities. Retain charity tax relief on donations, but no using of fake charities as sock puppet arms of Government. And while you are at it, end to charitable status for any ‘charity’ with an expense ration over a certain number (20%, 10%?).

    And how about the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason?

  3. And don’t forget the House of Lords. That fuckwit Adonis being the first of hundreds to be stripped of their titles and any stipends they may have been entitled to.

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