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Be prepared for some more serious betrayals over the next few weeks

Labour still worries me. As I’ve been saying all along, in reality they, like the Tories, cannot stomach a no-deal Brexit. And now it’s explicit:

Labour are backing a cross-party bid to ensure the UK cannot leave the EU without a deal.


Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the amendment to 11 December’s Commons vote on the PM’s Brexit deal had his “full support”.


If MPs back the amendment it will not be binding but Theresa May would find it difficult to ignore.

MPs have been lying all along about no deal being better than a bad deal, and as predicted, have been waiting until the last stages of negotiations to spring this on us:

a source has told the BBC there is a “growing consensus” among all MPs against a “no-deal” Brexit.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told ITV’s This Morning on Thursday that “nobody is going to allow no deal”.

That is, Parliament doesn’t want the UK to become independent again. This is clearly not about some trade disruption in March.

The amendment, tabled by Labour backbencher and chairman of the Brexit select committee, Hilary Benn, is understood to have support from Conservative, Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru and Green politicians …


[Hilary Benn said:] “frankly no deal all along has been the worst possible outcome and its really important that we close that off. Because we can’t afford to fall over the edge of a cliff at the end of March.”

How are they going to achieve this other than by voting for some altered version of May’s deal? (Maybe a Norway deal, but May’s deal is actually closer to what Labour wants than Norway.) So be prepared for some more serious betrayals over the next few weeks.


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2 thoughts on “Be prepared for some more serious betrayals over the next few weeks

  1. I don’t recall ever seeing any explanation why the WTO solution is so terrible–it just seems to be stated as a fact that it would be a disaster. Why?

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