Antifa with a dog collar

Through circumstances I found myself at the weekend at a very traditional Catholic Mass at a large city centre cathedral in a mid-size city. If I thought this was going to be something different I was mistaken. The priest’s main concern? Migrants. Refugees. We must take them all in and love them. This we were repeatedly urged to do. I half-expected him at any stage to throw off his clothes to reveal an Antifa T-shirt. Churchie obsession with social justice causes is not something new, of course, but I was disconcerting all the same. It felt like once again the aim was to replace the disappointing existing population, who think too independently, with a better set of people who know how to follow instruction. Just like Antifa, then.

When you looked closely at the makeup of the congregation you started to see why the church might take this attitude. It was mostly Latinos, Africans and old natives. There were hardly any white people below the age of 60 (apart from kids brought in by their families). Catholicism has very little appeal to young whites from outside the faith, so you can see why the church might see its future as depending on refugees who can be brought into the flock. The possibility that most migrants will be Islamic rather than Catholic, and that the Catholic church will be repressed in an increasingly Islamic country, doesn’t seem to come into it.

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