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Would we throw rocks in our own harbour? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, exactly. What stops us from simply accepting whatever documentation (maybe electronic) that we have been accepting previously? If what is meant is that the EU will no longer issue it, that will be their ill-will, and not our fault. (The possible suggestion is that we shall suddenly have to impose tariffs on incoming goods from the EU at the same level as for the rest of the world; is that really a serious problem? And why not simply reduce all tariffs to zero? Oh, I know, that is inconceivable; but why?)

  2. Hammond says it will take two years plus to get Dover ready for a No Deal. Because of planning rules. Hasn’t he heard of national security trumping such jobsworths rules?

    • But they’ve already had two years plus, during which they must have been preparing in some degree–maybe not in bricks and mortar, perhaps (supposing bricks and mortar and suchlike to be needed; I’d guess they aren’t). As I’ve asked before, where exactly is the problem?

  3. I have a lingering doubt. How on earth did we manage to trade with Europe before we joined the EU? Did we not buy BMWs? Did the Europeans buy Rolls-Royces … and all the other stuff which went both ways across the Channel?

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