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New definitions for old words and phrases no. 1

Taking inspiration from I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, here’s the first in a series of posts about new definitions for old words or phrases.

Sparked debate: the meaning of this phrase has changed. When it’s used in relation to something left-wing, what it now means is ‘X will soon be de rigueur’.

For example, “The CEO of Manbag Ltd has sparked debate by revealing that he carries around an ‘apology book’, which he can dip into to find a suitable apology whenever he offends a women or a transgender person or a minority”.

On the other hand, when used of something that isn’t explicitly left-wing and is considered normal by most people, what it now means ‘X will soon be shut down’.

For example, “Rugby international Gareth Tankard’s habit of slapping his thighs when he laughs sparked debate after women’s groups noted that the practice discriminated against women, because they don’t have the muscle mass to create the same sound, and also because it’s possible that his hands might fly off his thighs and injure a woman”.

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