UKIP have no choice but to go in this new direction

A lot of people, including Guido Fawkes, have recently been attacking UKIP for its new direction, and pointing out all the UKIP MEPs and other notable party figures who are leaving.

However, it must be noted that UKIP has performed very badly since mid-2016 when the Brexit referendum happened and Farage quit. It’s become virtually invisible to the media (except when the media laughed at its in-fighting). Even with Brexit under threat the party has become ineffective in the extreme. So although the party did amazingly well in the Farage era (mainly due to Farage, it must be said), it has to be acknowledged that the party is on its last legs. It’s a failing entity.

A new broom is needed, and a new approach. Tapping into the anger of the average man on the street over the various sell-outs of the ruling class seems the obvious thing to do (especially seeing as Labour is now run by Trotkyite SJWs, and the Tories are aiding and abetting the spread of political correctness, plus of course most Tory MPs are Remainers). This has worked in Europe, and while the UK isn’t quite Europe in its voting traditions, there is still the same boiling anger at the establishment here, which the old UKIP didn’t have a clue how to harness. Stephen Woolfe, Suzanne Evans, Paul Nuttall, Diane James, Peter Whittle, Douglas Carswell, etc. for all their various virtues, never had any chance of becoming the figurehead of that fightback.

UKIP must become the party of the people. This will, unfortunately, have its downside, but there’s no other way to wrest back control of our country and our lives other than by getting loud and aggressive and channelling some Donald Trump.

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