A fake Christmas tradition

Apparently Elf on the Shelf is the biggest thing since Christmas turkey:

“We had no idea what on earth we were getting ourselves into.”


So says Chanda Bell, one of the three women responsible creating what has become a bigger Christmas tradition in the UK than watching the Queen’s Speech.

It’s so big that I’ve never even heard of it.

Mind you, it probably is bigger than the Queen’s Speech, because who the hell watches that on Christmas Day? Is it 1954 still?

“It’s really about creating these stories for families and being the voice of Santa in the North Pole,” she says. “That’s where our focus is.

Why is this a good thing? Why do we want anyone being the voice of Santa in the North Pole? I don’t. I don’t even like seeing Santa portrayed on screen. Let kids’ imaginations do the work. Get off Santa’s land, he’s not your property.

(The best Christmas films don’t have Santa in them, like ‘Jingle All the Way’.)


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