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“I didn’t want my friends to see it, so I sold the photo of it to the papers” — 5 Comments

  1. I have no idea what things are considered suitable tributes to the dead in Jamaica, and it may be that the staff were indeed taking the P, but one has to consider that different cultures treat death in different ways, and the staff were doing their best by their own standards. So its entirely possible that this was a ‘tasteful tribute’ to a dead person in Jamaica. Like those funerals in Africa where the casket is a pretend car or plane for example. Who knows?

    Certainly not the woman who knows that acting all offended will result in a free holiday…………..

  2. Incidentally what exactly WOULD be a ‘heartfelt tribute’ to a dead young man, on his birthday, in a random hotel room? Why do I get the spidey sense tingling that this is a put up job to get a free holiday?

    I can just about see that a family might want to remember their son by holidaying on his birthday in his memory (but knowing someone whose son also died unexpectedly in his early 20s I know he would rather poke his own eyes out than have those memories dragged up in that way every year). But I can’t see such a trip of remembrance including family friends, who then ask the hotel staff to fabricate a tribute to the dead man, out of what? What exactly could they have done to satisfy this request, if they were given nothing to do so? A photo for example, a piece of clothing, a football shirt perhaps. Why didn’t the godmother make her own tribute instead of asking staff to do such a sensitive job, given she should have some idea of what she wanted?

    It seems to me to be an impossible request. Either they refused, which would be the source of a complaint, or they do something as best they could, and thats complained about too.

    • Yes, I also wondered about how anyone could possibly get this right. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if it was my job. You can imagine pretty much anything would offend, especially when you’re dealing with Westerners, who these days will take offence over a hairbrush being put in the wrong place.

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