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Put a new lick of paint on an old idea and you can sell it anew — 5 Comments

  1. Consensual non-monogamy. AKA guess the daddy.

    Of course the couple may not want children, but in that case why should the rest of us extend any legal recognition to their relationship in the first place?

  2. But the circumstances of most women, especially women who want to have children, make leaving monogamy behind a bit more difficult for them than it is for men.

    Hence, the imposition of no-fault divorce. A period of serial monogamy, select a provider, get a Princess day wedding, have kids, then resume serial monogamy.

  3. Don’t we have a sort of control for the relative libidos of men vs women, namely the gay and lesbian populations? If the premise of the article is true, that women need as much sexual variation and adventure as men, then surely the bushes of Hampstead Heath will be as full of scissoring lesbians as dick sucking Friends of Dorothy? And gay clubs will be 50/50 of sexually adventurous gays and lesbians all looking to hook up?

  4. Because monogamy isn’t easy, we shouldn’t try? That’s a loser line if ever I heard one.

    Monogamy isn’t always easy. But it’s generally worth the effort. (Actually, I find being monogamous very easy, but then I both like and love my wife. Perhaps these people just aren’t very good at picking decent partners, always on the hunt for short-term excitement rather than long-term gain.)

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