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The Conservatives didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They just blew their own head off.

Everything comes to an end of its natural life, and it’s now time for the Conservative Party to wither and die. It had become little more than a politically-correct New Labour/ruling class party, given one last chance by the voters in order to deliver Brexit, and it’s blown that. It’s rotten to the core, and owned by the civil service. It’s time for right-wingers, and patriots who’d already given up on Labour,  to move on to another party. UKIP seems the most obvious choice, or perhaps Farage really will come up with a new party.

Perhaps one should never say never, and who knows, maybe in a few months a decent new Tory PM will emerge (May has, after all, been been weakened, and may not survive much longer), and the party will revitalise itself. But for now we need to withdraw our support. Anyway, it’s hard to see how the entrenched interests can be removed. Sometimes a house gets so badly damaged in its internals that it doesn’t make sense to try to fix it up. Move on to a new house.

My main hope is that the Tory Brexiteers will quit and join – or form – another party. That may sound extreme – and it is extreme – but these are extreme times, and there is talk that some of them may bring down the government in the House of Commons, and that’s pretty extraordinary in itself. It doesn’t make much sense to bring down your own party when it’s governing and then to stay in it.

If the politicians won’t get the UK to exit the EU then expect angry mobs to give the politicians their own exit. By coincidence I spent yesterday with a bunch of ex-miners in Mansfield. The type with white vans and English flags in their front windows, who drink in working-men’s clubs. I didn’t meet them for political reasons, but they went on about Brexit a lot, and they were incredibly angry, when normally they’re a jovial bunch. The mood amongst them was literally murderous. They were openly talking about lamposts, and not in a joking way. It’s gone far beyond a ‘loss of trust’ now. We’re verging on civil war.

We’re also on the verge of a hard-left government. These guys hate the new left. They despise progressives and political correctness, and all that. But they rather like old-style socialism, and so voting for Marxists like Corbyn and McDonnell isn’t anathema to them the way it is to me. If there’s no party on the right that appeals to them they’ll go back to Labour, and in that case you’d better make sure you have a lot of pets.

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One thought on “The Conservatives didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They just blew their own head off.

  1. Yup, the Tory party is dead, stick a fork in it. My Tory MP (classic marginal seat that tends to be a good barometer of the national swing) was supposed to be ‘sound’ on Europe, but backed May in the vote last night, and presumably would vote for the WA. If he does he won’t get my vote ever again, or that of my parents, all of us life long Tory voters. And we won’t be the only ones to think like that, and he’ll be toast at the next GE, replaced by a nutter Corbynista no doubt. But I figure if the country is going to hell in handcart then we might as well get there sooner than later, its no good the Tories playing the ‘Bad cop, not so bad cop’ routine any more, we’ve heard it before. If things go to rat sh*t we might get something decent out the other side, an ultra slow motion descent with the Blue Labour lot makes no sense. If there’s going to be pain, lets get on with it.

    I’m not sure who I’ll vote for, I have always voted, I can’t vote for a supporter of the 20th century’s most murderous cult, obviously, the Lib Dems would sell the country out the same as the rest. That only leaves UKIP, and they seem to be getting even fruit cakier than ever, but given they have actually identified one of the most pressing things facing this country in the long term, namely a slow motion Islamic takeover, I guess I’ll chuck them my X, if they can afford a candidate of course.

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