How long do you want? A decade?

Some UK businesses have been complaining to the media about a possible no-deal Brexit:

Business ‘watching in horror’ as PM plans for no-deal Brexit


Five leading organisations say UK is not ready and parliament must back Theresa May’s deal

You’ve had two and half years to get ready for this. If you didn’t prepare you only have yourself to blame. In the words of the old sports cliche, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

I don’t want to sound too heartless, but if not being in the EU any more could have had an effect on your business then sitting on your arse for years was always a doomed strategy. There will be other business out there who have prepared, and they’re about to take your place.

They said many companies had yet to make any preparations for what has until recently been seen as a remote possibility, and that it was far too late to start.

The Prime Minster said all along that no deal was better than a bad deal, so No Deal exit was always a distinct possibility, not a remote one. Yes, I know she didn’t really believe it, but it was always the destination if the EU couldn’t be reasoned with. If you bet the house against No Deal then you’re going to lose out to those companies who were more rational (perhaps you put too much trust in your mates in government and the civil service who told you they were going to swing a deal).

It’s a shitty situation, but government idiocy always creates winners and losers, and this situation is no exception.

Update: Michael St George at A Libertarian Rebel says:

Are “the UK’s five leading business organisations” actually admitting they failed to plan for such an eventuality, or just cynically wanting to maintain the competitive advantages vs smaller internal rivals that comes w/ m/ship of the ‘s protectionist, regulation-heavy cartel?


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One thought on “How long do you want? A decade?

  1. So, it turns out that the five organisations are the CBI, IOD (the usual incompetents), “manufacturers’ organisation the EEF” (who?), plus the Federation of Small Businesses and the Chambers of Commerce.

    Talking their own book would seem to be a useful conclusion.

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