Workers, throw down your iPads and revolt

Soapy Joe QC calls for the workers to rise up and have a general strike… against Brexit:

It is time for the people, the workers to take control. For the hundreds of thousands who will lose their jobs this is no joke; to save our democracy this is no drill; it is no rehearsal for the sick and the vulnerable who will suffer if the government’s planning fails.


If the government will not listen, if it refuses to recognise the supremacy of parliament, we must have a general strike.

A general strike over Brexit is a real possibility. But it will be the other way around from what Maugham thinks. All the actual workers I’ve talked to – that is, the people who do the real work, and not just the ponces sitting about in plush offices in London – have been rabidly pro-Brexit. They’re ready to down tools and march on Parliament House.

I can just see Jolly On’s face beaming with delight as a huge wave of workers with placards descends upon Westminster. I can just see him rushing out to join the crowds who have responded to his clarion call in the worker’s daily read, the Guardian. I can just see him freezing with horror when he reads the placards, dropping his cappuccino in horror, and getting trampled underfoot before he can scurry back to his office to tweet about the fascist hordes.

But anyway, thanks for the idea, Joe.

The burden will fall most heavily on those least able to bear it: the north-east, the north-west, the West Midlands and Northern Ireland.

Well, Moe, how about you come up to Mansfield yourself with a megaphone, and start rousing the workers now? I can point you to a few factories you can start with. You should get some interesting reactions.

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7 thoughts on “Workers, throw down your iPads and revolt

  1. Heh. Didn’t I say we needed something like a general strike just a few weeks ago? Why yes, yes I did.

    The trouble is, while I don’t think anyone on our side has the guts to try it, I wouldn’t put it past their lot. Now, you’re right: the real workers would laugh them out of town, but think of the disruption a general public sector strike might cause. They’re the ones who voted Remain. It’s common in conservative/classical liberal/libertarian circles to joke that nobody would notice, but they have the hospitals. They couldn’t bring the country to a standstill, but they could make things very awkward.

  2. “…to save our democracy…”

    By ignoring the result of a national referendum and leaving us in the control of an unelected foreign bureaucracy? I’m having a little difficulty following his logic to be honest.

  3. You did say that Sam, yes.

    >they have the hospitals. They couldn’t bring the country to a standstill, but they could make things very awkward.

    Remainers causing hospitals to go on strike would be a massive foot-shoot for the Remainers. I couldn’t imagine worse publicity for them. Deaths on their hands. They wouldn’t ever recover from that.

  4. Still wouldn’t put it past them. They’re fanatical. Their chums in the media would constantly remind everyone that “essential services” were being protected, and everyone was on their side. They could do it.

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