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Former Tory MP, Thatcher aide, and respected columnist admits his government conspired against the people. Media silence follows.

In a highly revealing article former MP Matthew Parris admits that the Conservative Party would often lie so that it could do what it wanted. And when it didn’t lie it fudged and avoided issues in order to prevent the ‘people’ having any say in the country’s governance:

our challenge was to find ways of ducking the issue. Once I became an MP, I did so by voting for the principle and against the practice. This subversion of democracy (in Theresa May’s phrase) caused me embarrassment, but not a second’s guilt. Sod democracy: hanging was wrong …


Among ourselves we talked cheerfully about subterfuge. The Britain of 1979 and 1983 most emphatically did not vote for a massive confrontation with the coal miners. We made sure the electorate was never asked.

These candid admissions have been completely ignored by the media. One reason they’ve been ignored is, of course, that most people have come to work this out for themselves, so Parris isn’t telling us anything we don’t already know. But surely hearing it from the horse’s mouth has great value? Why hasn’t the media splashed on this? Why haven’t Parris’s old enemies in the Labour party made hay with it?

The main reason is that most of the media, and virtually all the Labour party, is on his side over this. Even newspapers like the Guardian. You might think the Guardian would be the natural enemy of a former Tory MP, especially one who worked with Thatcher, and certainly on some issues they will regard Parris as an enemy, but the fact is that the Guardian wants government to be free of restraint by the people, because its vision of the state involves a leftist government getting into power, imposing its own ideology onto society and removing the power for the people to have a democratic say from most areas of life. So it can hardly criticise Parris for having done what it longs to do. It doesn’t want to bring about anything that might lessen the freedom government currently has to ignore the voter.

In addition, Parris is a fellow Remainer. So the last thing the Guardianistas would want to do is to reveal that a fairly prominent Remainer has admitted that in the past he helped the the government to routinely screw over the voters. They will hardly want to confirm the suspicion that many already have that the Remainers, including those in government and Parliament, are out to subvert democracy.

All that is why you won’t hear The Guardian, the BBC, the Mirror, the Independent, etc. making any reference to what their old enemy has revealed, despite the fact that it could be used to damage him. They’re keeping quiet about it, despite having spent years railing against Thatcher and her minions, a group which included Parris. So far only the Express has mentioned his article.

The same applies to the Labourites. You won’t hear a peep out of them. Perhaps some of the old Labour dinosaurs who don’t want to stop Brexit, and who still resent Parris for his part in breaking up the miners’ strikes, may try to make something of what he has said at some stage, but there’s not many of them left, and they’ll struggle to get any media attention for now. Parris is currently on the side of Remain, so for the time being he’ll be protected by the Establishment.

(I’ll write some more on Parris’s article in the next few days. Thanks to commentator Pcar for the sending me the text of it.)



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3 thoughts on “Former Tory MP, Thatcher aide, and respected columnist admits his government conspired against the people. Media silence follows.

  1. He’s also being very disingenuous in saying ‘no-one voted for a confrontation with the miners’ because a) the government didn’t MAKE the miners go on strike, they chose to, its not like it was in the government’s power to force them on strike against their will, and b) the voters HAD voted for a government who had explicitly put anti-union legislation in its manifesto, so no-one could have been in much doubt what course the Tories would take in a Miners Strike Round 2 (or was it 3?). I doubt anyone who voted Tory in 1979 was that put out when Mrs T refused to bow her knee to Arthur Scargill and the NUM. They’d experienced that over the previous decade and were fed up with it.

    So he’s being very dishonest in equating the government’s action during the Miners Strike and his desire to ignore a clear single issue vote over Brexit.

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