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From Jim in the comments:

He’s [Parris] also being very disingenuous in saying ‘no-one voted for a confrontation with the miners’ because a) the government didn’t MAKE the miners go on strike, they chose to, its not like it was in the government’s power to force them on strike against their will, and b) the voters HAD voted for a government who had explicitly put anti-union legislation in its manifesto, so no-one could have been in much doubt what course the Tories would take in a Miners Strike Round 2 (or was it 3?). I doubt anyone who voted Tory in 1979 was that put out when Mrs T refused to bow her knee to Arthur Scargill and the NUM. They’d experienced that over the previous decade and were fed up with it.


So he’s being very dishonest in equating the government’s action during the Miners Strike and his desire to ignore a clear single issue vote over Brexit.

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  1. On reading the OP it occured to me that many people were in favour of the unions being put back in their box. Jim is absolutely on the nail really, there is no comparison with differences between government policies and public opinion back then and the current wish to ignore the clear result of a national referendum.

  2. Bit late to this; but Parris’ claim struck me as not even wrong, and indeed, Hey Presto!


    The thing lists five tasks, under the first “restoring the balance”:

    Trade union reform
    1. Picketing
    2. The closed shop
    3. Wider participation

    Too many strikes
    Responsible pay bargaining

    Umder the third, “the rule of law”; The supremacy of Parliament.

    In the foreword : “striking a fair balance between the rights and duties of the trade union movement”.

    These are all expanded upon further on.

    Parris is flat out lying.

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