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They can’t let go of their pathetic drivel about the Brexit bus — 8 Comments

  1. I had heard that the £350 million figure was used deliberately in the hope that the remainers would then point out that it was really only £267 million. That way the leavers could say sarcastically ‘Only £267 million a week you say, oh well that’s alright then.’

  2. Don’t forget when the EU send money our way it it for something specific. In many cases something useless like funding speed bumps. Speed bumps we wouldn’t fund ourselves so it isn’t like them saying here is some cash back.

  3. The sign on the bus doesn’t suggest that the whole £350 million be spent on the NHS but, despite being told this time and time again, people see what they want to see, especially if they can moan about it.

  4. ” there really should have been a Remain bus driving around with the message “Don’t bother voting Leave as John Bercow and Parliament won’t let it happen”

    The political class think they are being Oh so clever in attempting to thwart a clear democratic vote, and they may succeed on the specific issue. However they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction if they do. Voters are not going to forget whats gone on here, and this will come back to haunt them.

    At some point there will be a choice at the ballot box – the usual status quo parties, and a completely new alternative. And the great and the good will say ‘You can’t vote for X they’ll destroy everything!’ and the voters will say ‘Good! Where’s my ballot paper?’

    They are creating a vast swathe of the electorate who will countenance voting for anyone, regardless of how nasty they appear (or actually are), as long as they offer the opportunity to throw out the current political classes.

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