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Jim in the comments:

The thing is he’s [Parris] not 100% wrong. You can’t have the public involved in every small decision of government, it would be chaos. To govern is to choose and sometimes you have to choose things that if given a choice the public might not agree with. However these are usually administrative things. Things that can easily be changed by a change of government, tax rates, laws even.


Brexit however is not an administrative thing. Its a fundamental change in the direction the country wants to take going forward. And that is why a referendum is a reasonable answer to deciding such issues – everyone is affected by the outcome, not just for the next 5 years of a Parliament, but potentially in perpetuity. So its only fair that instead of the 650 MPs getting to decide, in effect we all become MPs for a day and get to vote of a matter of such importance.


This is why what Parliament is doing over Brexit is so wrong – they as MPs delegated their power (which of course derives from the voters anyway) back to all 45m of the electorate. And all our votes (on the matter of Brexit) were equal. My vote was the same as David Cameron’s. What the MPs are now doing is saying that their votes now count for more than the rest of the 45m.


Which is totally wrong, and a denial of democracy.

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