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Matthew Parris is clueless about paternalism — 3 Comments

  1. Parris writes of his Leaver friend: “He felt, in short, conscious of an unseen bond between parliament and people, and fearful of the wider consequences should it be broken”.

    Those ‘wider consequences’ being that democracy is what lies between peace and armed conflict, or between freedom and possible tyranny, should the wrong people win that armed conflict.

    Parris then said that as he himself lay in bed that night he rejected what his friend had said. Does he realise the side he’s committed himself to? Overturning the Brexit referendum isn’t the same as nudging the people away from some more minor policy that you disapprove of.

  2. Hector,
    The great thing about Parrish’s blatherings is the insight they give to the attitudes of Grieve, Umunnah, Soubrey, Greening etc.
    I get that these people really are better informed, and cognitively superior to the unwashed plebs. What I don’t get is what it is about the EU that makes it the hill their paternalistic philosophy should die on.

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