When Guardian World meets Westminster World, you know there aren’t going to be fireworks

According to the Guardian, a female artist was allowed to hang around Westminster harrassing MPs for their thumbprint on a work of art about Brexit. The work itself sounds supremely uninteresting; it’s basically just a bunch of coloured thumbprints. The story consisted of a few Conservatuve MPs like John Redwood saying ‘No’, and some of them coming back later. The Guardian is so desperate for stories that it decided to still run this. It’s become like Slate (or was it Salon), which at one time (and probably still now) consisted of nothing but wall-to-wall anti-Trump stories.

Here’s some of the excitement:

Later, while she’s temporarily away from the stall, someone stamps one of the small ink blocks on the artwork. I see it as an act of vandalism (and suspect Redwood) but Robinson sees the mark as representing the vote itself.

And make sure you’re sitting down for this one:

When it’s all completed – Robinson can’t say when that might be – she plans to tour the country with it on the back of a truck, ideally with some funding.

There may have been even kore to this story, but I fell asleep.

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