Did you hear they’d taken the word ‘gullible’ out of the dictionary?

The Telegraph reports on an unfortunate lady:

I nearly married a conman. It’s more common than you think

Was he a good liar? I presume he didn’t just spin this lady the usual guff about working for top secret government organisations, which meant he couldn’t tell her anything?

He worked in dark ops; by nature, it had to happen beneath a cloak of secrecy


Still, I expect he didn’t tell her the usual ridiculous conman boasts about all the amazing things he’d done which had to stay secret because it was all hush-hush?

she spent hours rapt in his extraordinary tales. While serving in Afghanistan, he had operated on Osama bin Laden; received a Purple Heart for his military service; he had been shot while held hostage and tortured on a Secret Service mission in China. “You wouldn’t have heard about it,” he told her when she pressed for detail, a common response she would receive over the course of their year-long relationship.


Well, that was the extent of the bigging himself up, I trust.

[He] had re-enlisted in the Navy as a military doctor, seeking to open a hospital in Iraq for children with cancer. A lieutenant commander, he would soon be starting work at the Pentagon.


Still, I expect she was just a dumbo, not the sort of upper middle-class intelligent professional who knows what’s best for us.

Ellin was due to move to Washington D.C. to study for a Master’s focusing on human rights


Pity she wasn’t a journalist then, they’re the last person who’d fall for a load of made-up, feel-good, unverifiable bollocks.

The cogs had begun turning six years earlier when Ellin, a journalist then writing a piece about high-end detoxes, was put in touch with a doctor running a practice in Beverly Hills


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