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Drummond’s Law and the evil of the left

Drummond’s Law says that whatever the left accuse the right of doing  is something they’re up to themselves. Now, the left is always accusing the right of being evil, whereas, so the story goes, the right accuses the left of merely being wrong, not evil. But if Drummond’s Law applies to this situation then we have to say that the left really is evil.

Now, Drummond’s Law isn’t completely serious, but over the last few years it’s started to become clear that a lot of the modern left is not just wrong, but evil.

This isn’t such an outlandish proposition as it may seem. Certainly we know that an awful lot of historical leftists have been evil, such as the tens of thousands of Communist party officials in the USSR, probably even more in China, and so on in various other Communist countries. Some of them were filled with righteousness, and thought they were on the side of good, but they were deluding themselves. No matter how morally pure they were to start with – idealistic students who got angry at how the ruling classes treated the peasants, or whatever – they all ended up as evil, or they ended up working, however reluctantly,  in the service of evil. (The reluctant gulag guards were no less evil than the reluctant Nazi concentration camp guards.) Leftism usually ends up with death squads, and the leftists who turn out to not be evil usually find themselves being dealt with by one of those death squads.

You may think modern western leftists are different. You may think that they’re deluded and foolish, but not evil. Well… evil’s a difficult concept, but let’s take it in the sense that leftists use when they say conservatives and libertarians are evil, by which they seem to mean something along the lines of monstrously selfish, cold-hearted and spiteful. When they say someone is evil they mean that person delights in harming others, ignoring their rights, and cares little about anything other than what is in their own narrow mindset. Someone who is prepared to ignore misery and death, or even to cause it, if it means they get their own way, or if their political beliefs are advanced. Something along those lines (I’m sure you can add some material of your own).

When we put it like that, it should be clearer that a lot of the modern left fits this description. Maybe not your nice old buddy from Uni who now works in middle management but who still goes on about wanting higher tax rates for the rich, or how plastic is bad for the oceans. Maybe not him. (Or maybe him. That’s to be decided.) But the tens of thousands of leftists on Facebook and Twitter who scream and harass at every opportunity. By their own definitions, they’re evil. Or the media leftists, twisting stories every day into leftist fairy tales.

The latest buillshit  story that the leftist media and online commentators have been pushing is this one:

This guy, Shaun King, is simply evil. He’s not just wrong. He’s not just dangerous. He’s evil.

Perhaps saying this doesn’t really help us, I don’t know. Perhaps we should concentrate on his wrongness, of which there is plenty. Perhaps we should use another name than ‘evil’, which has all sorts of weird connotations. I just know that I’m getting pretty sick of being called evil by people who are clearly evil bastards themselves. People who would be running gulags given half a chance. Leftists who are ramping up the evil week by week. So I’m no longer going to hold back my words when the evidence is clear. These people are evil, they seek our destruction, they seek the destruction of freedom, and we should stop pussyfooting around them.

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6 thoughts on “Drummond’s Law and the evil of the left

  1. Definitely evil:
    John McDonnell
    Seamus Milne
    Jeremy Corbyn
    Diane Abbott
    Most of the other Labour Commies whose names I can’t remember on account of them being so undistinguished
    Dominic Grieve
    Anna Soubry
    Owen Jones
    Laurie Penny
    Polly Toynbee
    Pretty much everyone who writes for The Guardian

    That’s just a start

  2. The Left project, its all they do. They are people filled with bile and hatred for their fellow man, and in order to make themselves feel better about themselves they convince themselves that they are the good guys and make their opponents the repository of all the negative stuff thats swilling around inside their heads.

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