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Quote of the Day

From Jim in the comments:

I’m beginning to get more optimistic that a No Deal Brexit will happen. While I’m sure that a fix is what all the great and the good want, I reckon if a fix was ready then it would have been in by now. When the WA was voted down I fully expected that something would be announced the next day and before you could say ‘Norway Plus’ it would all have been voted for and set in stone before anyone had a chance to blink, or question it. Yet nothing has happened and all the participants are flailing around without a viable plan between them. The longer things go on like this the more I think that they really don’t have a fix organised at all, they are just hoping something turns up that can be moulded into one.


I also think that the talk of another vote and extending Article 50 and other ways of overtly cancelling Brexit will struggle to get the actual votes needed in Parliament – its one thing to say you want to do x, y or z, its another to put your name on the voting register as going openly against the votes of 17.4m people. Who will then hate you forever and seek to throw you out of Parliament at the soonest opportunity. MPs are nothing if not self seeking and the pro-EU ideology of many may well founder on the rocks of self interest.


All of which means if attempts to kill Brexit in the open fail on the faltering hands of MPs on the dagger, and the EU cannot bring itself to offer the removal or time limiting of the backstop then there is nothing else left but No Deal…………

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