Nathan Phillips

How come a white old guy is just an old guy, or a gammon, or someone who needs to die soon, but an old Native American guy is always called by the media an ‘elder’, like he must have spiritual wisdom and be able to see how the Earth hurts because the Democrats aren’t in power?

Also, if the media found out that an old white guy with right-wing opinions had served in Vietnam they’d crucify him. ‘Probably a gun nut with PTSD’, they’d say, and they’d comb his military records for material to use against him. But if it’s a left-wing Native American, it makes him a hero, and no questions are asked, not even the obvious question of whether he’s old enough to have served in Vietnam.

Update: This is hilarious. It turns out that Phillips spent most of his ‘Vietnam days’ as an Army refrigerator technician in Nebraska, and was often AWOL. The MSM, of course, didn’t manage to discover this themselves, they just quietly issued corrections to their original stories.

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  1. More to the point when have they actually scored any goals? When has one of these cases been exactly what they claimed it to be – nasty white racist/sexist males grinding poor ethnic minorities/women into the dirt? You know some genuine KKK action, or a frat boy rape room in full flow?

    I can’t think of one. I can think of a string of cases that have purported to show the patriarchy/white supremacy in action, yet have all come unravelled pretty fast (or very slowly as in the Duke Lacrosse case).

    Its like those case studies the BBC and Guardian keep publishing designed to show how heartless the Tories are and how austerity is killing the poor, and all they do is make people think ‘What a tw*t, no wonder they’ve got no money with behaviour like that!’ Just recently – Jeremy Corbyn’s poster boy for homelessness turned out to be a sex offender.

    Thing is I can think of a number of cases where the exact opposite has been the case, members of ethnic minorities behaving in appalling racist manners (murder/torture) to white victims, yet not a peep is heard……..

  2. Fair enough. Then I guess my question is: are there more instances of leftist hate that capture normie attention and outrage recently? My guess is that

    #1 the normies are waking up, however slowly,

    #2 the left becoming increasingly impatient to implement their agenda, and with the lack of results from what’s been already implemented (something I’ve really noticed since 2008), and

    #3 the left is following their ideology to it’s logical outcome. This is really stark with feminism, whose adherents are having more trouble covering up their bigotry. The rising popularity of no-shit socialism isn’t surprising given we’ve compromised between laissez-faire and collectivism about as much as possible.

  3. “the left is following their ideology to it’s logical outcome.”

    I’d say this is the reason. Once you’ve convinced yourself of your own moral superiority, then anything goes. The Left has convinced itself that its doing the equivalent of the Allies fighting the Nazis – the enemy is SO bad you can do pretty much what you like and its still ‘ok’.

    Plus of course there’s the ratchet effect. Once it was enough to demonstrate your commitment to the cause to just not like Tories, in private. Then you had to publicly denounce them as horrible people. Then you had to not only denounce them but turn up on their doorstep and harass them and their families. Then it was required that you use social media to threaten them with violence. Eventually the Left will be required to physically assault any Tory they meet, in order to show how much they ‘care’. And of course anyone who baulks at the next step down the road is denounced as a traitor the the cause. The history of the Red Guards in Mao’s China shows us how it works. Everyone is desperate not to be denounced, so tries to go that bit further to keep themselves ahead of the crowd.

  4. >#2 the left becoming increasingly impatient to implement their agenda

    Yes, I think this is definitely true. I’ve been meaning to write a longer piece on this. I think its because they know normal people are reaching a point of throwing it all out, so they’ve got to act quickly to lock it all down and prevent us being able to do that. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve got worried about politics again, and started blogging again.

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