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Jim on fire in the comments again (but also see the comments afterwards from Andrew and Umbungo):

It occurs to me that in the event of another referendum (which of course is possible) the Remain camp have very little ammunition left. They can predict economic collapse (again) but their opponents can just point to the last lot of failed predictions (180 degree fails too). They can hardly sell the EU as a wonderful supportive partner we should be sticking with, after the way everyone has seen them behave, including their lovely President, who might have well had to be invented by the Leave campaign had he not existed in the flesh anyway.


And looking forward we’ve now had 2 years of pronouncements by all the EU leaders as to where they see the EU going in the future, and its hardly anything that will fill even a Remainer with enthusiasm unless they’re a swivel eyed United Sates of Europe cheerleader, and while there’s a few of them, there’s not enough to win a national referendum. Add in the power of a ‘Which bit of Leave didn’t you ****s get?’ slogan, and the chance for the masses to stick two fingers up to the elites again, and I’d hate to be in the first meeting of the Remain Campaign Mk2, trying to come up with ideas for how to convince the UK public to back Remain.


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