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I’ve now watched James Delingpole’s appearance on This Week (24-1-19), which he and a lot of his critics are saying was a car crash for him, mainly because he wasn’t very sure about the tariff situation. I didn’t think it was a car crash. It certainly wasn’t ideal, and it would have been great if James had been more on top of the situation with tariffs and the whole WTO situation, but it wasn’t a car crash, more of an opportunity missed.

Delingpole, to his credit, says he that he accepts that he was fully to blame for not being more knowledgable. I’m not so sure the fault lies entirely with him. The fact is that the government and the BBC have deliberately muddled the situation with WTO and the tariffs, so few people really know what the situation is. Do you think Andrew Neil and his two other guests really had much of a clue? The hell they did, especially the two guests. I’d like to see them be grilled for more than five minutes to see how much they know.

Also, the whole thing was standard BBC operating procedure. It rarely gets real experts on, and if it does they get a short, surface interview. What’s the point of getting James Delingpole on and grilling him about tariffs? Does anyone think that he’s a wonk with that stuff at his fingertips? That’s not his strength. Do you think he was told beforehand, “We want someone on who can talk about tariffs under WTO?” Pig’s arse he was. If that’s what you want then get on someone from the IEA, or something like that. But the BBC is scared to do that, in case it gets someone on who really knows their stuff and exposes Neil and the other guests. Or – worse – it gets someone on who’s a bit boring, which Delingpole never is.

Anyway, the whole thing has kind of ruined a blog post I’ve had in mind for a while, about how much I like Delingpole when he’s being interviewed on TV and is facing a hostile interviewer, or a hostile guest. He’s fearless, he says what he thinks, he doesn’t pretend to be a house-trained Beeboid, he basically says what I would like to say in the same situation. So I thought I’d post the same clips, but this time as a reminder of how great he is, despite his sub-par performance a couple of days ago.

Delingpole in battle with Yasmin Alibhai Brown on Channel 4:

Delingpole on Channel 4 talking about Clarkson (the other guest is an incredibly pompous twat who – surprise! – is a Labour MP):

Delingpole on Welsh hysteria over Rod Liddle (BBC):

Arguying with Julie Bindel on Sky News:

And finally Delingpole on the BBC talking about the National Trust.

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