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Telegraph women at it again — 6 Comments

  1. I have no idea why any man gets married these days. It brings absolutely no advantages, monetary, legal or social. It has massive downsides – loss of economic power, loss of freedom of action, threat of divorce, loss of children in divorce.

    A friend of mine just split up with his long term partner, luckily for him he wasn’t married. I went round to visit him and he was telling me he was amazed how much money he had left at the end of the month that wasn’t there when he was coupled up. Of course he’s lucky to have the house (that he paid for) to live in – had he been married he’d have been in a bedsit or the cheapest flat in town. He’d also rearranged the house how he wanted it, but was never allowed to have.

    Any man thinking of proposing should go away, have a cold shower, get a rescue dog from the local pound, (that’ll be the most grateful and loving living thing you could possibly have living around you) and give marriage (as currently constituted) up as a terrible idea.

    • The only thing I’d say is that people who know have told me that if you have kids then it’s better to be married, because if you’re not and the woman takes off with the kids then you’re completely screwed in that regard.

  2. There’s always two sides to a story, and you expect each person’s telling to cast themselves in the more favourable light, but even on her telling of the story she comes across badly.

  3. @Sam ” It reads like a MGTOW false flag.”

    All the Telegraph ‘wimmins’ content reads like that. Try Bryony Gordon…

    The Telegraph has some good female writers – Alison Pearson & Janet Daly are probably the best writers on the rag – but the content specifically aimed at women is dire.

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