Blithering Bunny is back!

Yes, Blithering Bunny is back, and he’s… me.

Most of you won’t know what I’m talking about, but there may be a few old-timers who remember my original blog from the early-mid 2000s. Those were the days when the blogosphere was ruled by old whatshisname, and whatchamacallit, and doohickey something-or-other. (Actually, in those days the big UK political blogs were Tim Worstall and Samizdata, and they’re still the kings.)

At that time Tim Newman was someone who only commented on other people’s blogs, Guido didn’t exist, there was such a thing as good and decent left-wing bloggers (like the sadly-departed Norm Geras), and blogs looked like they were the future, until Twitter showed up.

Ah yes, Twitter. It has become abundantly clear that Twitter is no friend of free expression, and nor are most of the other social media sites. Outsourcing our blogging energies to platforms run by our enemies was a mistake. In my opinion we need to get the blogosphere going again, and to that end I will be resurrecting one of the features I used to run at Blithering Bunny, which is a fairly regular round-up of good blog posts from the previous few days, known as the ‘Pink Bits’.

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