“The Week in Patriarchy”

Did you know that the Guardian has a section called ‘The Week in Patriarchy‘. Even by Guardian standards this is extremely comical. One can only presume that they don’t read satirical sites like The Onion or the Daily Mash.

Here are some of the – shall we say ‘predictable’? – headlines:

Women swear sometimes – let’s get the hell over it

Surely ‘Let’s fucking get over it’?

President Pence? That vision should terrify women

If you’re imagining him naked as well, yes.

Psychologists’ warning over masculinity offends the right


The APA’s sensible concern over the danger posed by traditional gender roles will save lives

The old ‘Bad right not listen to experts’ headline again. They really reached a long way into the cliche grabbag there, didn’t they?

#MeToo doesn’t mean an end to socializing and fun

Are you sure? Let’s look at the sub-heading:

A decline in office parties has been blamed on the movement – but educating people about consent and boundaries is empowering for everyone

Looking to me like #MeToo has meant an end to socializing and fun.

Social media sites should focus less on nipples and more on Nazis

Because social media is so tolerant of Nazis, right?

Conservatives are terrified of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And so they should be


The congresswoman, who – shock, horror! – appears to own a nice coat, represents a new generation who’ll wear and say what they like

She’ll stay up to whatever time she likes too!

Ivanka Trump shows yet again she’s no friend to women

She’s too good-looking to have as a friend.

Exclamation marks! Are a good thing! And we should embrace them!


Much has been written on whether women should cut down on exclamation marks in the office. Sorry, but the answer is no!

No topic is too small! For the Guardian feminists to complain about! Stupid! Twats!

The steps to equality are more than Trump voters can handle

The old ‘X is too much for Trump voters to handle’ headline routine again.

The president’s wife feels she is ‘the most bullied person in the world’ – tell that to a child ripped from its parents at the border

This is the way teenagers argue.

A Facebook executive’s Kavanaugh support is a slap in the face to women

There’s a pretty low bar at the Guardian for what constitutes a slapped face.

The Kavanaugh hearing proves yet again the US hates women

No comment needed.

The McDonald’s sexual harassment strike isn’t just brave – it’s historic

In the view of Guardian feminists, history seems to consist mainly of women complaining about things. Remind me not to buy The Guardian Book of World History for my kids at Christmas.

The US midterm elections are set to be the ‘year of the woman’

Ho hum. Time to end this fun.

(Hat-tip: Christopher Snowdon).

Update: And here’s the delightful botwoman behind The Week in Patriarchy. No surprises at that webpage, are there?

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3 thoughts on ““The Week in Patriarchy”

  1. “ARWA MAHDAWI, Founder, president, chief hopes and dreams officer, and chief minority officer at Rent-a-Minority.” Her main claim to being of any use to anybody is that she is a “three fer”, i.e., a queer, brown (very light though) and a woman (bit non-binery there). Apparently, firms “get” 3 minority points by employing her. Ridiculous cow!!! (as she’s a three fer, the “Patriarchy” awards her 3 exclamation marks).

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