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  1. I’m convinced that the fall of the Eastern Bloc is responsible for a lot of this. I think a lot of the people who like controlling other people, who don’t really care what the ideology is they have to espouse, just that espousing it puts them in charge of other people, migrated from Communism to other political ideologies. Its noticeable that Greenism rose as Communism fell and the desire for the EEC to recreate the USSR started about the same time. Prior to ’89 we were still in a trade bloc, by ’92 (Maastricht) we’d been pushed into a prototype State. I think all the control freaks needed a new home and the EU was one of them.

    Prior to the fall of the USSR they’d been agitating for the Revolution still, and were thus politically sidelined (and identifiable) – all the sensible people could see they were dangerous nutters. Once they’d joined existing political causes seemingly completely unrelated to Left/Right politics they were lost from view, with the results we see today.

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