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In a bid to reinvigorate the blogosphere in Britain (and elsewhere), (because  Twatter and Arsebook have become tools of the left), I’m reviving my old ‘Pink Bits’ section, where I link to some of the blog posts and articles that have tickled my fancy over the previous few days. Here’s a few for starters:

Tim Newman at White Sun of the Desert takes a swipe at Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and her Stone Age New Deal.

Julia M discusses the latest happenings in police non-training.

James Delingpole continues to be disappointed by his mate Michael Gove.

Natalie Solent at Samizdata reports on some foolishness by the idiots at ‘Lead Not Leave’ which has even fellow Remainers shaking their heads in despair, and draws a nice analogy with John Kerry.

Tim Worstall at the Continental Telegraph talks about the consequences of taxing those who can’t vote.

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